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Day in the Life

Day in the Life

Our mobile veterinarians start the day by making sure their All Wheel Drive vehicle is equipped with everything that they’re going to need. The office staff will update you with details for scheduled appointments. Due to the nature of our business, sometimes appointments are set in advance and sometimes they are scheduled the same day. Our veterinarians will typically have four or more appointments per 10-hour shift. Each appointment typically lasts 60 minutes. The majority of our services are in-home euthanasia, but we also offer in-home palliative and hospice care for companion animals.


Open Scheduling

Caring Pathways plans schedules to allow our veterinarians the appropriate amount of time to unplug emotionally. The typical full-time schedule consists of two 10-hours shifts in two days, one day off, and then two more days on. We strive to schedule four or more appointments per DVM per day, and we provide our team with the support and communication they need to do their jobs effectively.

Open Scheduling


We strive to be a generous company and set compensation at a generous level. Our veterinarians typically earn 10 to 30 percent more than they would in comparable work at a traditional clinic or working on their own as a mobile vet. Compensation is based on a variety of factors, including experience and employment type (part-time versus full-time). Full-time employees qualify for optional medical, dental, and vision benefits. Additionally, Caring Pathways offers DVMs opportunities for personal and professional growth.


A Caring, Supportive Team

Caring for pets at end-of-life can be difficult work. One of the ways we support our employees is by offering a strong, welcoming team environment, with open communication at all levels and opportunities for development and growth. Our client relations team is staffed with compassionate individuals who field incoming calls, schedule appointments and provide the first line of support for our clients. Veterinarians with Caring Pathways can expect broad support from our client relations team, hospice nurses, field service team, management, grief support specialist and each other when carrying out their duties and providing care.

About-Caring Supportive Team
What We Look For

What We Look For

Caring Pathways seeks veterinarians who can work independently and integrate into our strong team environment. This work requires the ability to demonstrate empathy and caring when working with our clients, who are often feeling sadness and anxiety. We look for people who have the ability to work effectively, share grief compassionately, and disengage after each appointment. Ideal candidates are highly experienced in working with small animals.

Join the Leader in End-of-Life Veterinary Practice

End of life care for companion pets is a pioneering field in veterinarian care. Contact our team to learn more.