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An interesting thing has been happening in the world of veterinary medicine, and it has little to do with technology or scientific breakthroughs. In fact, what’s happening has nothing to do with the actual veterinarians – but with the people (and pets!) they serve and how they do that. In recent years, there has been a surge of veterinary practices that showcase team-orientated, compassionate, self-disciplined veterinarians. They’re changing the way they serve their clients, and that’s a direct result of how we as a society have changed our view on pets.


These days, pets have a profound amount of medication and care available to them – especially in areas where we would not have deemed it necessary to make alterations before. That includes telehealth consultations and in-home visits, helping meet the demand for more veterinary care in a more familiar environment. 

It’s a response to the desires of pet owners who have taken a more involved approach to their pet’s medical care. They want to do what they can to improve and extend the life of their beloved pets. And they’re willing to spend more to do that.

Here’s why: with the shift toward pets being less of a purposeful addition to an estate and more of a companion, or member of the family, they’re treated like family. They live inside now, and often their primary role is simply to give and receive affection and provide companionship. As a beloved member of the family, providing compassionate end-of-life care for them is now at the forefront of veterinary medicine. Not only is it a current trend, but at Caring Pathways we’re pioneering this field within the veterinary practice, giving clients a genuine way to care for and say goodbye to these furry members of the family.

Caring Pathways is meeting the demands of this trend head-on, offering a list of in-home services that provide care for both the pet and their human families in the home – the place where they are most comfortable. In the hands of trained, compassionate professionals, the experience is personal, it’s on-call, and clients are able to make more informed decisions at their own pace during a difficult time. 


It helps to remove the stress of the time-consuming logistics that are involved with constant, crisis-based trips to the vet’s clinic, and allows room for sentimentality and quality time to play the primary role during a difficult time.

Interested in joining the cutting edge of end-of-life care for a family’s most affectionate member?