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Being a student isn’t always easy. The hardest part is feeling like you have to choose a career path without having any real experience. Through our scholarship and externship programs, Caring Pathways offers veterinary students at Colorado State University the chance to explore a career in end-of-life and palliative care for companion animals.

Caring Pathways fills a unique niche in veterinary medicine, and we are proud to offer high-quality, in-home care for companion animals at the end of life. We have chosen to partner with CSU because many students may not know about this unique area of veterinary medicine. While working in end-of-life care can be challenging, it is also highly rewarding. We provide animals and people with comfort during a time of acute grief and anxiety.

As a Denver-based company, we have always been excited to connect with students in nearby Fort Collins, Colorado. Caring Pathways seeks to help veterinary students at CSU to grow their skills and advance their professional careers out of school. Third-year students can participate in independent study rotations, and fourth-year students can get first-hand experience in end-of-life animal care through externships with our veterinary team. We also offer a sizable scholarship for qualified upper-division CSU veterinary medical students, via an application process through CSU.
The externship program with Caring Pathways exposes students to a unique career path within the field of veterinary medicine. The work our veterinarians do is very different from traditional practice. We are mobile providers who work independently but are part of a strong team of veterinarians and office staff who support each other remotely throughout the day. When seeking DVM’s to join our team, we look for people who can work independently and exhibit a high level of kindness and compassion when working with both humans and their pets. These traits are also crucial for students who are interested in doing an externship with us. During the selection process, we seek students who display a high level of empathy and a strong desire to help pets and people during the last days or hours of an animal’s life.
The nature of the work that we do is very different from traditional practice, so we are committed to educating students in our area about this work as a possible career paths.
In addition to offering scholarships, externships, and independent study rotations, the Caring Pathways team also visits CSU when possible to give lectures on end-of-life pet care.
Recently, our founder, Dr. Larry Magnuson, led a seminar at CSU with two of our DVM’s and a member of our office staff to give students a comprehensive look at what to expect from a career in end-of-life care. Caring Pathways is proud to have a strong relationship with CSU and its community of veterinary students. We hope this relationship helps to educate students about their career choices and continues raising the level of care in veterinary medicine.

Interested in joining a team of cutting edge veterinarians pioneering end-of-life care for companion pets?