Caring Pathways
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Caring Pathways veterinarians provide a particular area of veterinary medicine and practice to our clients and their pets during one of life’s most sensitive times. Our practice is built on the foundation that we have a heart for service, and understand how essential it is to make this end-of-life process as comfortable as possible for our clients. We combine our years of experience, expert veterinary skills, and extensive knowledge in medicine with our deep-rooted compassion to help others. As a result, we are able to provide meaningful, thoughtful ways for our families to care for and say goodbye to a pet during the end-of-life time span.

Every service under the Caring Pathways umbrella is an on-call, in-home experience. It begins with a private medical consultation and assessment where our veterinarians can meet the client and their beloved pet in the comfort of their own space. This appointment is designed to help us learn more about a pet, investigate what their immediate needs are, and offer a more thorough idea of their condition, while also taking the opportunity to get to know the pet’s human family.


Next, our in-home palliative and hospice care allow us to provide appropriate end-of-life care in the comfort of a pet’s home. This removes stressful and frequent trips to the vet’s office and offers peace of mind and comfort to both the pet and his or her owners. For the same reason, we provide in-home pet euthanasia, saving the owner time and emotional stress from having to leave their pet in a cold, sterile, and unfamiliar environment. Instead, they can face this moment together and in private, surrounded by the people and things they love.


We offer options for afterlife body care. From recognizing the importance of personal details from the time we leave a client’s home with their pet – taking care to carry out their pet’s body in an elegant, sentimental, or otherwise special vessel – we can help the client coordinate both burial and cremation services, relieving the burden of tough decisions from the pet owner.

Our goal is to provide a way for pet owners to provide expert and compassionate care for their pets – the same level of care and consideration they would use for a human family member.

Interested in joining a team of cutting edge veterinarians pioneering end-of-life care for companion pets?