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The team at Caring Pathways is composed of expertly trained veterinarians and caring, compassionate professionals who understand and want to serve clients during this sensitive time of life. They have a specific heart for service and thrive in the balance of demanding, yet rewarding, work that they can deliver within a client’s home. It’s not a perfect professional fit for everyone, but it’s interesting to learn why many veterinarians choose a practice like ours as the next step in their career.

There are several reasons why this occurs. Many of our veterinarians have spent years practicing in traditional brick-and-mortar clinics, where they’ve received countless hours of experience and training. For some, the urge for transition comes because they’re unhappy with the corporate work environment, one that often carries a demanding and monotonous workload with insufficient time allotted for spending quality time with patients and their human families – especially for the trend toward more personalized care in the veterinary field. Many veterinarians are unsatisfied with their compensation, and niche practices like Caring Pathways offer them ways to be compensated at higher levels than corporate clinics.

Other veterinarians are looking for a positive team environment, something that is often missing from a traditional practice as a result of turnover or burnt out practitioners. The unique team experience of Caring Pathways provides an enthusiastic, tight-knit team to provide support and encouragement, while also empowering professional development.


Finally, many veterinarians are looking to make more of an impact by providing a more hands-on approach to care for their clients, especially for pets & their families in need of compassionate end-of-life care. Traditional practices don’t often leave the space, time, and flexibility to adequately provide this type of end-of-life care within an office setting.

Bottom line – in many cases, change is good.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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