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We do things a little differently at Caring Pathways – and we’re proud of what makes us unique. That’s because we’ve seen the impact our veterinarians’ level of expertise and compassion has on beloved pets – and their owners – during critical times in that pet’s life. That’s why we choose to specialize in a sensitive niche within our field and know that our laser focus enables us to provide unmatched care and compassion for pets and their owners.

Caring Pathways offers a concise menu of in-home services that include personal consultations where we can learn more about a pet’s condition and their home, and work together with their owners to make informed decisions on what next steps we should take together. We also offer hospice care for pets to help take the stress out of constant vet visits and allow owners and pets to remain in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the places and people the pet knows and loves.

In-home pet euthanasia gives owners and pets security and support at the end of life in a setting that’s familiar, comfortable, and free from stressful logistics. We also offer after life body care options where we work with pet owners to determine what their wishes are for their pet, and work to honor those wishes in a sensitive and delicate way.
But it doesn’t end there. Our clients receive a level of service that goes far beyond a list of what we can provide. The difference is in the way we work with our patients and their families. We allow ample time – about 2 ½ hours – for every appointment, ensuring no one feels rushed or overwhelmed by the sensitive topics and heavy decisions that may need to be made. We understand that crises don’t happen on a schedule or at the perfect time. In fact, things often occur quickly and without warning. Being on call allows us to be flexible and quickly responsive when our patients need us. 90 percent of our appointments are scheduled the same day as the call.
Our goal is to provide a comfortable, tranquil atmosphere for pet owners and their pets to be together during a difficult time. We remove the stress and strive to provide relief and expert care as efficiently as possible during a time when lots of difficult decisions may need to be made. As a result, we offer a menu of services and a level of care that are both qualified and purposeful, yet sensitive and warm.

Caring Pathways provides an unmatched kind of veterinary experience, one that comes directly from the heart, delivered by our hands.

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