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The veterinarians at Caring Pathways operate in a unique way. Because we offer a particular kind of service – one that carries a heavy emotional burden – we do so out of a deep compassion for our clients. That is why we look to build our team with people who have a true heart to serve. When you have a passion for others, you see the job and all of its weight as something that’s doable. In addition, staying mindful of mental health is our top priority when it comes to our team. This support provides our Caring Pathways veterinarians with the tools and time to disengage from each appointment, avoiding compassion fatigue. It allows them to approach each new workday – each appointment, even – with a renewed spirit.
There are a few ways our veterinarians do this. To start, they are mobile practitioners who work independently, but they also have an arsenal of extensive support within the Caring Pathways team. The veterinarians are in constant contact with one another throughout the day to offer support, ask for help, and share stories. A grief support specialist is also on staff to provide advice and support.
A large part of what makes our team so good at their jobs is the ability to compartmentalize the more unsettling aspects of this profession. We recognize that we’re doing good work, and making the best decisions possible with the client on behalf of their pets. We understand that the service we provide ultimately provides peace for a beloved pet and their family. As a result, every situation gets our very best. We work to be fully engaged during our visits, not thinking about personal things or other professional appointments.
We also understand the importance of taking appropriate time away from the job to allow yourself time and space to disconnect from the emotions that come with the type of care we provide. Caring Pathways structures our schedules to allow our veterinarians time to unplug emotionally. We encourage them to go from placing the customers first at each appointment to putting themselves first when they’re off the clock.
This helps enable our veterinarians to provide compassionate care during each appointment, but leave their emotions at the door. As a result, they are able to enter the next appointment or workday refreshed, renewed, and able to deliver the same unmatched level of compassion to the next client.
Ultimately, Caring Pathways works to enable our team to harness the power of genuine service, while maintaining control of our emotions in order to prevent compassion fatigue.
The result is countless families who are grateful for our assistance in ways words cannot express. We hope to continue building that sense of community.

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